Homemade Transit Campervan Conversions

The Ford Transit has been a popular base van for creating Class B Motorhomes in Europe and other regions where the Transit is sold. As the Transit replaces the Econoline as Ford's full size van, North America, specifically the United States is likely to see many more Transit Conversions.

2014 Westfalia Camper Van Homemade conversions will more than likely be more popular at first as the Econoline series will still be made available for Chassis motorhome manufacturers. However when major companies follow the lead of Westfalia, we will see more unique creations that can be purchased professional fabricated. It is probable that the same thing will happen with Transit, Chassis Cabs, Cutaways and Stripped Chassis options for making Class C "Alcove" style motorhomes and full on Class A coaches as well. These B+ Class motorhomes or interstates made by professional companies are likely to run more than $70,000, but will afford the purchaser with the option of a pre-made solution.


When it comes to homemade (DIY) user conversions though, the options are somewhat endless. Although motorhome, shelving, seating and other kits are readily available; the layout and setup of the camper is largely up to the owner and/or fabricator.

Click Here to take a look at this Stealth Camper on TinyHouseTalk.com for one example. Additionally see the video below for how one Transit owner turned his long wheel base Transit into a campervan.