Photo Gallery - Ford Transit Campers

Displayed below are some images from two popular Ford Transit Campers online. This includes both the new 2014 Westfalia campervan and a custom homemade Ford Transit Stealth Camper.

Westfalia Camper

The Westfalia camper is unique in that it marks the first year Westfalia has used a diesel powered Ford Transit as opposed to a Volkswagen bus to manufacture their annual professionally designed and fabricated Class B motorhome.

Stealth Camper

The Ford Transit Stealth Camper is from a private owner and includes a kitchenette, fold down bunk beds, cooler, port-a-potty and room for storing a road bike. The design is that of a cargo/camper van which can be used for light work travel without drawing the attention of a full on camper van conversion.


Ford Transit Stealth Camper

Ford Transit Stealth Camper Exterior View

Exterior View

Ford Transit Stealth Camper Cooler

Cooler / Kitchen Area

Ford Transit Stealth Camper Sliding Door

Sliding Door

Ford Transit Stealth Camper Cover

Exterior w/ Cover

Ford Transit Stealth Camper Rear Doors

Rear Doors

New Westfalia Camper

Ford Transit Westfalia Camper Exterior View

Exterior View

Ford Transit Westfalia Camper Kitchen Area

Kitchen Area

Ford Transit Westfalia Camper Rear Seating

Rear Seating

Ford Transit Westfalia Camper Rear Seating

Corner Unit

Ford Transit Westfalia Camper Sleeping Area

Sleeping Area