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Welcome to the ultimate resource for information about campers made from full-size Ford Transit vans. This includes both custom made camper conversions both professionally installed and fabricated from kits. It also includes do-it-yourself (DIY) installations and Westfalia Ford Transit Campers.

Currently there are very few Ford Transit Campers rolling around the United States, as the 2015 model year marks the first year the Transit will replace the Econoline as Ford's full size van line.

2015 Ford Transit Stock Blue Despite the lack of Transit's in North America it has been produced for over 50 years in European markets and several homemade and pro campervans can be seen in these regions.

In fact, the Transit is so popular that it is a catchall term used to describe any light commercial van used in European Markets.

The Transit has gained this popularity and name affinity because it has been the top selling light commercial vehicle in Europe since its inception. It is true that for Europe the Transit is like the Kleenex brand name is for tissues.

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It is the goal of FordTransitCamper.com to be the best place online to find information about Ford Transit Campervan conversions and Westfalia made campers. In its current site it has only the most primary information about conversions and where to find Transit's for sale. You will also find a basic image gallery, which is a collection of various photos online. This should help to give the potential Transit Camper converter some ideas about how to build the ultimate camper van.

As the Transit fully replaces the Econoline in North America and more pre-made and custom Transit Campers are available we will update the site to include this information. In the meantime feel free to contact us should you have any additional information concerning these topics, or if you have any questions regarding this site.

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