Transit Classifieds: How to Find a Camper

If you are looking for a pre-made or custom Ford Transit Camper in North America, they are few and far between. Rather you are looking on Craigslist or eBay there are rarely Ford Transit Campers for sale let along simply Ford Transit Vans. There are however a few dozen available in the UK. These can be found on or on along with Gumtree and other local classifieds sites.

Ford Camper Van Classifieds!

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Future Updates

We will update this page as more Transit campers become available in the US; however for now check out some examples of what you can find in the UK. All prices have been converted to US dollars.


2005 Ford Transit 2 Berth Camper For Sale

2005 Ford Transit Camper

2 Berth Diesel
Miles: 144,443
Price: $5,765
Location: Billingshurst

2004 Ford Transit 260 SWB For Sale

2004 Pro Camper Conversion

Diesel 260 SWB
Miles: 76,000
Price: $14,823
Location: Nottingham

2007 Ford Transit Sunseeker Diesel For Sale

2007 Sunseeker Diesel

Right Hand Drive
Miles: 142,965
Price: $28,007
Location: Stockton

1999 Ford Transit Autosleeper For Sale

1999 Autosleeper

4 Berth
Miles: 49,000
Price: $18,119
Location: Perth
2008 FORD TRANSIT Auto-Roller 200 Diesel For Sale

2008 Auto-Roller

200 Diesel
Miles: 9,649
Price: $41,206
Location: Stockton

2001 Ford Transit High Top 2 Berth For Sale

2001 High Top Diesel

2 Berth
Miles: 64,300
Price: $16,461
Location: Hull

2003 Ford Transit 125 T350 Diesel For Sale

2003 125 T350

White Diesel
Miles: 136,000
Price: $13,175
Location: Stockton

1998 Ford Transit 2.5d Leisure Drive For Sale

1998 Leisure Drive

2.5 Diesel 4 Berth
Miles: 86,000
Price: $16,471
Location: Bradford